Film producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that Top Gun: Maverick is due in cinemas July 12 2019. It does not look like they will be riding through the danger zone and cutting it fine with their two year lead-in time.

Top Gun fans are of the generation when there were Police Academys 1-5, three Back to the Futures and four Lethal Weapons and have been very patient waiting 33 years to see the sequel even being discussed.

Tom Cruise, 54, became a heartthrob and shot to fame from this role in 1986. It has been confirmed that Joe Kosinski will direct the film and there will be a lot of pressure on him to Take our breath away with this version. 

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted today that Joe Kosinski will direct the film. Kosinski is known for being particularly skilled at computer graphics and computer generated imagery work which will be good news for the ageing cast, who may be shy about doing their own stunts at this point in their lives. The cast has not been confirmed but it is fair to presume Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis could make a return.  

Cruise was the starring fighter pilot in the 1986 movie. He recently said in an interview that he was getting ready to reprise the role of Lt Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

The actor previously worked with Kosinski on 2013's Oblivion.

Top Gun was directed by late film-maker Tony Scott.

Fans have reacted to the news: