A sculpture of Terry Wogan has been unveiled in Limerick and so far has been compared to singer Nick Cave, Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks and "some guy".

Perhaps even more damningly, the statue has been dubbed the "father of Ronaldo" in reference to the unfortunate bust of the Portuguese footballer which more closely resembled Niall Quinn.

The tribute to the broadcaster, who died last year aged 77, was unveiled by the Mayor of Limerick, Kieran O'Hanlon, on Saturday, and since then many commentators have questioned how much it really looks like Wogan.

Illustrator Annie West jokingly posted photos of the Wogan, Ronaldo and Sonia O'Sullivan sculptures on Twitter, writing: "Granny’s advice: Don’t achieve greatness. Because this is what happens if you do."

Meanwhile, another Twitterer helpfully suggested a means of improving the statue by superimposing a plastic bag over his face in the style of Limerick legends the Rubberbandits.