Today marks 20 years since Harry Potter charmed his way into our hearts in the Philosopher's Stone, a book which went on to change children's literature for eternity - and author JK Rowling can't seem to thank fans enough.

It seems like only yesterday that Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley bonded with our favourite wizard over chocolate frogs and ice-cold pumpkin juice, but somehow here we are looking back fondly (and feeling very old) and remembering our favourite Harry Potter moments.

We look at Harry Potter - the Irish connection.

With #HarryPotter20 trending on Twitter, it's clear that Pottermania is still alive and well, and no one could be more thankful than the woman behind the magic itself - JK Rowling.

We are starting to feel very, very old!

The immensely popular seven-book series has been translated into 79 languages and has sold over 400 million copies worldwide, and on top of that the franchise has churned out blockbuster films, theme parks, successful video games and merchandise.

51-year-old billionaire Rowling, who wrote the first book in a small cafe in Edinburgh, thanked fans and said: "it's been wonderful." 

Rowling's loyal legion of fans haven't let the special day go unnoticed and have conjured up some kind words for the spellbinding author.