Actress Rebel Wilson has won her defamation case against the publishers of an Australian magazine which printed a series of articles she claimed cost her film roles in Hollywood.

The Pitch Perfect star sued Bauer Media, the publisher of Women's Day, over articles which alleged she lied about her real name, age and details of her childhood. 

Wilson claims that the articles, which she says were published to coincide with the release of Pitch Perfect 2, hampered her Hollywood career and caused her emotional and physical distress.

Bauer Media denied that the articles were defamatory, but the six-person jury at the Supreme Court of Victoria ruled in Wilson's favour after two days of deliberation where they were asked to consider 40 questions and eight magazine articles.

The amount of damages will to be decided by Justice John Dixon.

Jury rule in favour of actress Rebel Wilson

During the three-week trail, the Australian actress told jokes, did impersonations, rapped and occasionally broke down in tears.

After the verdict, the 37-year-old star gave a statement outside the court in Melbourne, saying she felt the "stain" had been removed from her reputation.

"The reason I’m here is not for damages, it’s to clear my name. And the fact the jury has done that unanimously and answered every single one of the 40 questions in my favour I think proves what I’ve been saying all along," Wilson said.

"I was hoping the jury would do the right thing and send a message to these tabloids and they’ve done that so for me, it’s over in my mind."

Rebel Wilson triumphant after winning defamation case in Melbourne

"Unfortunately, this was the only way that I could stand up to this huge media organisation was by taking them to court publicly," she added.

"I’m a person that’s really confident in my own skin and really felt like it was the right thing to do to take this company on and prove how disgusting and disgraceful their chequebook journalism is."

The actress also took to Twitter to thank fans for their support during the court case.

Wilson said she planned to go back to Hollywood to rebuild her career.