Coronation Street fans were left reeling on Tuesday night when actress Denise Black returned as the soap's Denise Osbourne - a character many thought had been killed off.

Osbourne vanished from the Cobbles a decade ago but returned just as her son Daniel (played by Rob Mallard) admitted he had tried to kill his father Ken Barlow (William Roache), explaining how his mother's disappearance had affected him. 

Ken had also suspected that Daniel had killed Denise when his troubled son dug up a box of her belongings that he had buried in the garden.

Commenting on her return, Black said she had to go back and watch herself in Coronation Street in the early 90s to prepare for the role.

"That was a different me and I could hardly recognise me," she told the Press Association. "I thought, 'God, I'm hot'."

Black said it was "challenging" coming to terms with the storyline that Denise had abandoned Daniel. 

"It was not an easy one, because look at the cost on him," she continued.

"But it is good for an actor to have these flaws to work with, because it opens dramatic doors. If you are a soap character you need to be in the wrong."

Denise Black played Joanie Wright in Emmerdale for four years

Black's Corrie comeback follows her departure from ITV's other hit soap, Emmerdale, after four years playing the now-deceased Joanie Wright.

"I would have been terrified and not able to take this job if I hadn't done Emmerdale and survived it," she said. "It was a very happy job and it's a wonderful show."

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