Michael Fassbender has revealed that he partied into the night with '80s covers band Spring Break on his 40th birthday back in Ireland, though only after he initially mistook them for strippers!

Speaking on US chatshow The Tonight Show, he told host Jimmy Fallon that he celebrated his milestone birthday on April 2 back in his home village of Fossa, Co Kerry.

His sister, Catherine, organised a surprise party for the Alien: Covenant actor. However, she ended up having to tell him the truth about the night ahead to ensure that he would turn up.

"I went back to Fossa in Ireland. I have to specify that it is 'Fossa' because when I say 'Killarney' people from Fossa say `well you are actually from Fossa not Killarney'.

"My sister threw a surprise birthday party for me but she told me about it as she had to ensure that I was there."

Fassbender went on to talk about the entertainment his sister booked - Irish 80s covers band Spring Break.

However, before he realised they were actually a band, Fassbender admitted that he thought they were strippers!

"It was kind of weird at first because we had the dinner first up stairs in the Beaufort Bar and the downstairs was where we were going to have the party and the DJ and the band.

"When I came down the stairs there was this guy dressed up in mirrored sunglasses and an admiral's suit and I was thinking 'Wow this just got weird. What just happened? Is this a stripper?'

"Turns out they were an 80s theme band and they were excellent!"

On Wednesday, the popular band today said they were delighted at the high profile shout out from their most famous fan and told their followers on social media:

Thanks, Michael, we love nothing more than being a Late Night talk show anecdote".