Hollywood actor Ryan Phillippe taken to Twitter to shut down rumours that he is dating Katy Perry, and the pop superstar had a hilarious response.

Phillipe was prompted to take to social media to deny media reports that he and Perry dating due to photographers flying helicopters over his house to try and get a snap of them together.

Rumours that they were dating spread like wildfire after tabloid reports claimed the pair were flirting at Elton John's birthday party in late March.

The actor denied the reports that they were seeing one another on Twitter, writing in all caps to really drive his point home: "I AM NOT DATING KATY PERRY. BARELY KNOW HER. PLEASE STOP FLYING HELICOPTERS OVER MY HOUSE. SHE IS NOT HERE."

One of his Twitter followers humourously wrote back: "THATS WHAT SOME1 WHO HAS KATY PERRY IN HIS BASEMENT WOULD SAY....." leading Perry herself to joke: "Can u let me out of this basement pls?"

The Cruel Intentions star wrote back jokingly: "Never." 

When another of Phillippe's followers said he wished people thought he was dating Perry, Phillipe said he doesn't mind people thinking that he just doesn't "want low flying pervs hovering periodically".

The Firework singer then ended the conversation by writing politely: "Hi, nice to meet you, sorry bout that".

Phillippe and his former fiancée Paulina Slagter split last November, while Perry and actor Orlando Bloom broke up in February after less than a year together.