Are you the next Lord or Lady of the Dance? Global phenomenon Riverdance are holding an open call audition for Irish dancers from April 12 – 14.

From the haunting vocals of Anúna, the graceful elegance of Jean Butler and the explosive arrival of Michael Flatley which culminated in a long line of Irish dancers beating the stage in perfect heart-stopping harmony – Riverdance spawned a whole new genre of entertainment when it burst onto the Eurovision stage in 1994.

Almost 23-years and nearly 30 million audience members later it is still going strong and is now on the hunt for the next generation of dancers to take part in the international Riverdance tour and the Heartbeat of Home show.

Dancers hoping to audition must be over 18-years-old and should apply for a place at the auditions in advance here and a member of the team will be in touch. Dancers will not be allowed to audition if they just turn up on the day without first registering.

The auditions are timed to coincide with the World Irish Dance Championships to allow competitors to audition for both Riverdance and Heartbeat of Home.

With both shows touring internationally and Riverdance performing in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre for its summer run (from June 21 – September 3), there is strong demand for world class Irish dancers.