One of the singers from Denmark's Eurovision hopefuls Lighthouse X has revealed that he's "one of the world's biggest Westlife fans" and hopes that Ireland's entry Nicky Byrne is successful in this year's competition.

Speaking to TEN from Stockholm, Søren Bregendal said he was excited to finally meet Byrne, having been a huge Westlife fan for years, even supporting the boyband back in the day.

"I've listened to them all my life," he said I actually was in a boyband myself when I was 16 which was released on EMI Capitol, we were actually a support for Westlife when they played in Denmark back then.

"They influenced me a lot when I wrote my songs back then, we toured around Asia, we released our album in 14 countries so I myself know a little bit about the whole boyband world. And Westlife, I just loved them, and it's great to finally meet Nicky!"

Bregendal added: "Nicky just handed over his new album, I'm very excited, I have to go listen to right away. I hope the best for him really, obviously I'm a fan so I would love him to go to the final and maybe take it all the way!"

Denmark's Eurovision entry Lighthouse X

The Danish singer also spoke about representing his country in the Eurovision, saying: "I never really saw it coming, it's not been on my cards really that I would end up in Eurovision, but when we had the offer, it just seemed right. Lighthouse X is all about casting light on being human, being in life with all the struggle and all the baggage we carry around as fellow human beings.

"We based this band on a social profile, it's a bit different than being in a normal entertainment boyband. When we got the offer from the Danish pre-selection it just made sense because Eurovision is so much about casting light on what brings us together, unity, trying to overcome differences no matter what religion, race, language and so on.

"We all have one thing in common, that we all want to be happy and succeed in life, and why not try and help each other do that."

The first Eurovision Semi-Final will be broadcast on RTÉ2 this Tuesday and Byrne will be competing in the second Semi-Final on Thursday. The final of the contest is Saturday, May 14. 

Søren added that Lighthouse X are exciting to be taking to the Eurovision stage: "Yeah we are! As well as Nicky we've been preparing for this for quite a while, we're here to take on the stage, we love to perform and we love to sing so can't wait for the chance to do that!"

Nicky Byrne also revealed that he's a fan of Lighthouse X's Eurovision track Soldiers of Love, saying: "They're very well styled, the song is great, they just need to bring the performance to the stage on the night - so do I! It's a good catchy pop song that could do well anywhere, in the charts, in Europe and that's the reason they're here.

"Johannes, Martin and Sørenare proud Danish people, flying their flag and they want to have some chart success which is why we're all here. We want to do well and we want people to like our songs. We put ourselves up there to be judged, hopefully at the end of it we can do our best and walk away and say I loved that experience and I would happily say to anyone go and do it."