Matthew McConaughey and his Sea of Trees co-star Naomi Watts will not be best pleased to hear that their film was booed at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

The Gus Van Sant directed film was screened to the press on Thursday (May 14) and again on Friday (May 15), ahead of the red carpet premiere tonight.

Some members of the audience reacted strongly to one storyline which had a dark twist. Critics immediately took to Twitter to share their views on the film which follows a man (McConaughey) who travels to Japan's 'Suicide Forest' with the intention of taking his life.

The film also stars Transformers actor Ken Watanabe who plays a man who is also planning on taking his own life and in the end the two men try to save each other's lives. 

Columnist and Critic with Vanity Fair, Richard Lawson wrote: "Sea of Trees? More like Sea of Oh Please #ItGotBooed"

Variety's Chief Film Critic, Scott Foundas wrote: "SEA OF TREES: Dimestore mysticism of a highly maudlin and unpleasant order, passionately and deservedly booed. #Cannes

BuzzFeed's Film Critic Alison Willmore said: "Heard my first Cannes 2015 boos following Gus Van Sant's SEA OF TREES."

Indiewire's Managaing Editor Nigel M. Smith wrote: "First loud boos of #Cannes2015 for Gus Van Sant's THE SEA OF TREES. Guy next to me was hissing as credits rolled."