Kim Kardashian has teased the upcoming special Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes that will focus on Bruce Jenner's transition saying it will be full of "raw emotion".

E! will air two extra episodes of the reality series on May 17 and 18 featuring the moments Jenner revealed that he would be transitioning to his family members.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Kardashian said of the episodes, "Every family member gets really emotional. 

"You'll see moments – I think that's why we really, really wanted to do this special, because other families are definitely going through what we're going through. And every family member has a different reaction, and that's okay."

She added that her main concern is that Jenner can live a happy life, "At the end of the day, we all support Bruce, no matter what. But there's a journey that you have to go on to understand it. That journey is different for everybody.

"Bruce really wanted to help other families as well, and make this really informative. And you see our raw emotion – that's who we are. I hope it helps other people."