TEN caught up with the beautiful Lily James to talk about her  iconic role as Cinderella in Disney's new live-action movie, and she reveals her "heart was beating really fast" when she met Prince Charming for the first time.

Speaking to TEN about her first encounter with the handsome Prince, played by Game of Thrones' Richard Madden, James said: "He was having his hair dyed and I was having a costume fitting, so I was in one of the many layers of the skirt. They said 'Oh Richard Madden is here today, do you want to meet him?' and I was like ' Eeeek no, I can't meet Prince Charming, this is too much'".

"He came down and I was really nervous! He was halfway through getting his hair dyed, I was half-dressed and he came in - and we were like 'Hi, wow' – and they were like 'this is your Prince Charming'. It was really funny – my heart was beating really fast."

When asked if the sparkly glass slipper actually fit her, she added: "It didn't fit, so I'm not really Cinderella. The prince is still looking out there for his princess. They were made of Swarovski crystal, they were CGI'd on to my foot."

Cinderella hits theatres on Friday, March 27.