Sprinkle a little magic on your Wednesday by watching the first trailer from Disney's upcoming live-action version of the classic fairytale, Cinderella. 

Speaking about Cinderella, which is due for release on March 27, 2015, director Kenneth Branagh said:  “I reread the fairy tale when Disney first approached me about the project and was reminded of what an amazingly powerful story it is. It's a classic piece of storytelling where the central character goes on a journey that we can really identify with, so the texture and landscape of a great story was wonderful to play with as a director….

"I was excited to have the chance to retell a classic story in a way which would be both appealing and have meaning for modern audiences…”

Lily James of Downton Abbey fame plays the rags-to-riches Disney princess and Branagh reckons she was the perfect person to for the role

“It was extremely difficult to find someone who could be witty and smart, sharp but not cruel, has a twinkle in her eye and who has an inner beauty as well as a physical beauty, but Lily James’ Cinderella encapsulates all of those qualities. 

"You have to root for Cinderella, you have to like her, you have to be on her side, and so an innate likeability was important. Lily brought all that the first time she came into read for the part. She’s a very beautiful girl, and her warmth also allows it to be a very approachable beauty, and somehow we feel that she could be our friend as dazzling as she is.”

As well as Lily James Cinderella has a stellar line-up which includes Helena Bonham-Carter, Cate Blanchet, Stellan Skarsgård and Richard Madden.