Kevin Spacey has said that he is proud of House of Cards' influence on the TV landscape.

The 55-year-old star said that he is "pleased" to have helped initiate a change in how TV is released and watched.

Speaking to Digital Spy at the world premiere of the Netflix series' third season in London last night, Spacey said: "It's been incredible. Not just for Netflix, and the success of the model, but also as a result of that, seeing all the other networks and places in which people are finding entertainment, all of the new platforms that are stepping up and doing new work.

"It's employing actors, employing writers and crews, it's bringing work to a lot of people, and bringing entertainment to a lot of people. I'm very pleased that we've had something to do with initiating that change."

When asked about working with new cast member Lars Mikkelsen, he added: "[He's] a very good actor, I had a great time working with him. It's a very complex relationship, and I look forward to people discovering when it gets released today."