Dawn O'Porter has spoken about her love of being a mother, saying her love for her first child with husband Chris O'Dowd is "off the scale".

The 36-year-old gave birth to their son Art last month and told Glamour: "I have to say, I love it."

She continued: "Art's given me a really lovely start. It's hard work and bloody relentless, but he's a really nice baby. I feel very lucky to have a healthy child.

"I was very emotionally ready to be a mum, so by the time he flopped out - didn't quite flop out - I was raring to go. He's very cute."

When asked what aspect of motherhood surprised her most she replied: "People with kids tell you about it but it's impossible to grasp before you experience it yourself. Nothing compares.

"I am mortified by the fact I used to tell people I understood what they meant because of how much I love my cat."

She continued: "I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my cat, but the way I love Art is off the scale. It's a full body emotion, uncontrollable and completely instinctual.

"When he sleeps I miss him. The relentlessness of this mission would be impossible without that love. Nature really is wonderful."