It only kicked off on RTÉjr this week and already Puffin Rock has been green-lit for a second series.

The animated pre-school show is narrated by Chris O'Dowd and tells the tale of a family of lovable puffins living on a wild and beautiful Irish island. 

Speaking about why he wanted to be part of the show Boyle native, Hollywood star and creator of Moone Boy O'Dowd tells RTÉ TEN: " I'm a Puffin nut – always have been. I just love creatures of the sky and the sea and I thought it was time tell pre-schoolers about them. 

It's being made by Cartoon Saloon who do the animations for Moone Boy and the producer is a guy from Boyle who I grew up with so I literally couldn't say no."

In the 7-minute programme, which goes out twice a day on RTÉjr, young puffling Oona, and her little brother Baba, explore the island with their friends. Puffin Rock has a gentle educational tone, appealing to 2-6 year olds and their parents. As narrator, Chris O’Dowd adds an extra twinkle of comedy, mixing amusing observations with interesting facts about the wildlife on the island. 

He tells RTÉ TEN that he found the whole experience very relaxing. "You go into a nice head space. I would go in every odd morning. I did the voice from over here in America and to go in and spend soothing morning with Puffin Rock, it chilled me out immediately and sorted out my whole day. There is something beautiful about the Puffins down by the water… 

"You certainly wouldn't have road rage after doing the voice for Puffin Rock." 

O'Dowd also revealed that he was a big fan of Sesame Street, Forty Coats and Wanderly Wagon when he was growing up. 

Puffin Rock, RTÉjr, Monday – Friday, 8.10am & 1.10pm