Penelope Cruz has been cast in the new romantic drama This Man, This Woman.

The film will see her reunite with director Isabel Coixet, who she worked alongside on 2008's Elegy.

Cruz will play a woman who bumps into her ex-boyfriend on a plane and relives memories of their turbulent relationship.

According to Deadline, Diane Kruger will play a talkshow host who had an affair with the ex-boyfriend and changed the course of their relationship.

The script has been written by Frederic Raphael (Eyes Wide Shut).

Producer Mike Lobell said: "It feels like a minor miracle to finally bring this passion of mine to the screen and to put together this dream cast including the superbly talented Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger, who are the perfect actresses to bring these multi-layered characters to life.

"Combined with an extraordinary director to help realise Freddie's amazing script, there must be a movie God after all."