X Men: First Class actor James McAvoy has admitted that he pretended to cry and told a fib about a horrific car accident in order to get out of an audition.

The 35-year-old Scottish star, did not mention the movie he was trying out for, but he did reveal that he was not prepared for the audition, in which he had to learn how to play the guitar.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, McAvoy said, "My agent suggested something that she thought was going to be great for me. I needed to learn songs and to play the guitar.

"I said, 'No problem', but of course the day came and I was rubbish at all of that and I stood in front of them with my heart in my mouth and thought, 'I've got to get out of this', so I started to cry and through my tears said, 'I've just had a phone call. My mate has been knocked down, he's at the hospital and I have to go'."

McAvoy added: "If they are watching this they will be thinking, 'We really believed him and he is a b**tard!' I am sorry for that."