Despair not Muggles! If you couldn't attend Harry Potter's alma mater of Hogwarts -  a new course in Wizardry is being offered by a college in Poland which is housed in an old and spooky castle.

Czocha castle in Poland has launched a live-action role play programme at its very own College of Wizardry and all applicants must be 18 or over.

The Telegraph reports that the first four-day event in November sold out in two days with 190 students pursuing one of five areas of study - fighting the dark arts as aurors or curse-breakers; training as a healer; working with magical animals as a magizoologist; or studying the unspeakables.

For €280, students are provided with lodging and meals, as well as robes, a house tie, and their college books.

They are also encouraged to "pursue emotional relationships", whether they be friendships, or bitter rivalries like that of Harry and Draco Malfoy.

So Muggles and wannabe Wizards, take note - registration for the next course in The College of Wizardry is on April 16 to 19 2015.