With Love/Hate continuing on RTÉ One on Sunday at 9:30pm, the show's creator and writer, Stuart Carolan, has said he has no plans to turn the hit drama into a film, at present.  

During an interview on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM, Carolan answered questions sent in by fans of the show, with one asking if he had thought about bringing his characters to the big screen.

He replied: "A Love/Hate feature-length film? Eh, not immediately, no. I mean, I'm concentrating on... It's hard enough just to do this [the series] as it is! We work pretty hard on it – we've only just started the TV series!"

When host Dempsey said the idea "would have possibilities", Carolan replied: "You wouldn't rule it out, I suppose."

Paying tribute to those who work on the show, he said: "I'm very proud of it. A lot goes into making it. The production team are magnificent."

As for this Sunday's episode, Carolan remained tight-lipped, except to say there is "a big thing about Siobhán (Charlie Murphy)".