Jamie Dornan and Bill Murray teed off together yesterday at a celebrity charity golf tournament and Dornan has called the Monuments Men star "a legend with a great swing."

Speaking to The Daily Record the Fifty Shades of Grey star said of Murray, "It's been good fun with Bill Murray. He's a legend with a great swing and he can't stay serious for too long and he was great company. It was jokes all round until I was hitting it so badly I couldn't really stand for jokes anymore."

Murray added of Dornan, "Jamie is kind of the strong silent type and our conversations were interspersed like two amateurs kayaking across the ocean heading in separate directions and getting back together at the tee. He had a little more trouble than I had. He started strong and didn't have a lot of sleep. Because of the new baby he's sleep deprived."

That's one bromance we can definitely get on board with!