Imelda May has revealed to RTÉ TEN that she is recording a duet with Meat Loaf.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN's Conor McMorrow after her set at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on Sunday, May said: "Meat Loaf said, 'Do you want to do a duet?' And I just said, 'Yes, when and where?'"

"It will be up to his end when he releases it," she said.

As to how her new album Tribal is going over in the US, May said: "American audiences are great. They get what I am doing but as my band will tell you, nowhere tops the Irish audience. They are just brilliant. They are very open, but the Americans and Spanish come a close second."

She continued: "The Spanish and the American audiences are lunatics. They are very passionate and, like the Irish, they don't have as many inhibitions. If you are playing somewhere like Austria or Sweden it takes them a little while to come out of themselves.

"People don't know you as well at festivals like Outside Lands so you are starting from scratch again. I love a good challenge so it is kind of like what we did in Ireland and the UK years ago. I like getting a kick up the ass as it keeps you on your toes and I don't want to get comfortable."

May said her two Dublin shows at the O2 in December "will be our last gigs in Ireland for a while".

"We have loads of other places to go: we have to tour America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand," she said.