Domhnall Gleeson has joked about the level of secrecy surrounding filming on Star Wars: Episode VII.

When asked by about the latest J.J. Abrams-directed instalment of the franchise, the Frank star said: "There's a guy in that window out there with a sniper rifle trained on you, and another one that's trained on me right now."

He continued: "And they can hear every word we're saying, and if you ask a question that disrespects the NDA [non-disclosure agreement], there's just going to be a 'poof!'"

The Irish star revealed that the cast even have to cover themselves in black cloaks to hide their costumes when they leave their trailers.

He said: "When you walk from your trailer to the set - you're in Pinewood Studios - you have to put on a big, black cloak thing to cover all of your clothes, like full length, 'cause they're worried about people seeing costumes and stuff. It's crazy."

Gleeson also laughed off the notion that he might become an action figure soon, saying: "Just because I'm doing Star Wars doesn't mean that'll be the thing that makes people stop me in the street. Maybe they won't ever, so it'll be fine."