Following the release of the first cast photo for JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Wars film, actor Domhnall Gleeson has described the experience of gathering with his new co-stars in a room as a "weird, brilliant day".

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, Gleeson said of the script read-through session captured in the photo: "It was totally surreal to me; surreal is the word. And amazing."

He continued: "Getting to see those people from your childhoods... Getting to see them still be amazing, still just nail it in the room was ridiculously exciting and something [his casting] I did not expect to happen. So it was a weird, brilliant day."

Gleeson and the rest of the cast will begin filming Star Wars: Episode VII in the coming weeks.

His new film, the Lenny Abrahamson-directed Frank, opens in Irish cinemas next Friday, May 9.

Watch out for an interview with Gleeson and Abrahamson on RTÉ TEN next week.