It's been reported that Robbie Williams accidentally broke a fan's arm after falling off stage during a recent gig in Britain.

The 40-year-old singer was in the middle of his Swings Both Ways show at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena, when he lost his footing as he leaned out to greet fans.

According to The Mirror, Margaret Nash (52) was left with a broken arm after Williams inadvertently landed on her.

Local station Metro Radio Arena general manager Paul Tattenden said: “We attended to the lady after she said she had pain in her arm.

“We were later told she had broken it. We got in touch with Robbie's production company and they have been in touch with the lady.”

Williams was apparently not made aware of her injury during the course of the show, which took place on June 23.

Yesterday Nash, from Horden in Durham, did not want to comment, but according to the Daily Record a friend said: “She’s still in a lot of pain. She was devastated to miss the show.”

A video filmed by an audience member shows the Take That star appearing to high-five a section of the crowd before stumbling off stage and disappearing from view.

Here it is, with the stumble at around 1.30: