Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington has admitted that, like fans of the show, he has no idea who Jon Snow's mother is. 

The 27-year-old actor has admitted that despite trying to trick showrunner David Benioff and Dan Weiss into telling him, he is still none the wiser on who Jon Snow's mother is.

It's a mystery that is a major talking point between fans of the show, who are constantly coming up with theories based on perceived clues in the books.

Speaking to Vulture, Harington also said that he has never asked author George RR Martin about the identity of Jon Snow's mother.

He said: "I genuinely don't want to know, whoever it is. One reason I don't think he dies is that he hasn't found out who his mother is.

"I don't want to predict this, because George could just kill him, but I just think Jon's got to find out who his mother is. He's got to. It would be unfair if he didn't. 

"And he doesn't think he ever will. But we just need to see him find out. That's my feeling, anyway."

Harington added that he enjoys learning more about Jon Snow as each season progresses.

"It's fascinating what George has done, and how people love to speculate," he added. "And only he knows. Whatever he knows, I'm sure he's masterminded it in his head and he knows how it's going to end. 

"And I'd love it if Jon was important for the end, I really would."