Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington can't wait to cut his hair and put down his sword once the hit fantasy series is over. 

The 27-year-old actor, who plays Jon Snow in the HBO show, is looking forward to trying different roles once the popular drama comes to an end – and he is desperate to chop of his curly locks too.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine Harrington said: "I told my agent, 'No more swords, no more horses'.

"You [don't want to] get stuck in things. And maybe I can cut my f***ing hair."

Kit thinks he shares similarities with his alter-ego since they're both "ambitious" but he worries about how he will be able to be successful without stepping on other peoples toes.

He explained: "Snow's a black sheep. The thing that drives both of us is more similar than you might think - he's driven by ambition. I've always been ambitious too.

"I'm very ambitious. But how do I balance that with not f***ing other people up around me?"