Blarney singer Mick Flannery says one of the songs on his new album, By The Rule, was inspired by a childhood story about his grandfather when he was just three years old.  

“My grandfather's mother, recently widowed, was coming home from town one day and she saw her hay shed was on fire - smoke and flames everywhere and she couldn’t find him,” Flannery told RTÉ Ten. 

“She thought he was burned up in the fire but they found him a couple of hours later under a bed. He’d been playing with matches and he was afraid so he wouldn’t come out but they managed to coax him out and when he did, he said, "I lit the small fire ma but I don’t know who lit the big one.”

Flannery used it as the starting point for The Small Fire, one of the songs from By The Rule. “I stole the idea – I stole it from a three-year-old.” Flannery joked.

By The Rule is out now.

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