It was a very disappointing result last night for Can-Linn and Kasey Smith as they failed to secure a place for Ireland in Saturday’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fifteen countries competed with just ten securing places in the final but Can-Linn’s Heartbeat failed to make the grade.

The countries progressing are Malta, Norway, Poland, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia and Romania. 

The group tweeted last night expressing their disappointment at the result and wishes good luck to the finalists while Kasey tweeted “Thank u so much to everyone who voted !!!devastated but off out to party!!! #irishpride”.

You can watch the final on Saturday night on RTÉ One from 8pm with commentary from Marty Whelan.

The Running Order for the Grand Final:

1.    Ukraine
2.    Belarus
3.    Azerbaijan
4.    Iceland
5.    Norway
6.    Romania
7.    Armenia
8.    Montenegro
9.    Poland
10.    Greece
11.    Austria
12.    Germany
13.    Sweden
14.    France
15.    Russia
16.    Italy
17.    Slovenia
18.    Finland
19.    Spain
20.    Switzerland
21.    Hungary
22.    Malta
23.    Denmark
24.    The Netherlands
25.    San Marino
26.    United Kingdom