Morgan Freeman has discussed the different directing styles he has come across over the years, saying David Fincher and Christopher Nolan work in different ways.

The screen legend has worked with some of the biggest directors in film, including Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, Fincher and Nolan, and revealed to Collider some of their common traits, and their differences.

Freeman explained: "Great directors are great directors by product, not by process. You work with some great directors that drive you nuts, because they'll shoot 17 or 25 takes." 

"There are other great directors who move through a production like **** through a goose. They just don't stop, they keep moving and they come up with good product. They're under budget and on time, or a little quicker than on time."

Freeman continued: "Here, I speak specifically of people like Clint Eastwood. You have Chris Nolan. Chris Nolan is quick. Huge movie, but he's going through it quickly. Three takes - he's irritated if he has to do four. Great directors, but not the same kind of approach to the work."

Freeman also commented on Fincher's reputation for shooting many takes: "[Fincher] doesn't do it in 50 takes at all, but if he's troubled, he'll go as far as he needs to go to get untroubled. I know when we were doing Se7en, towards the end of the movie we did something close to nine or 10 takes on one scene. It was important to him to do that, but during the actual body of the movie he wasn't doing it."

Freeman can next be seen in Transcendence from April 25. Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy and Rebecca Hall also star.