Vincent Kartheiser who plays Mad Men's Pete Campbell has said that there will never be a spinoff for his character.

The actor who has won two Screen Actors Guild awards for his role as conniving junior partner in Sterling, Cooper, Draper told Rolling Stone: "I mean… [there's] a lot of hypotheticals, but yes [I would do it], because it's Matthew Weiner coming to me saying that. 

"I love his writing. I love this character." 

He added: "I'd love to continue to explore it, absolutely. But it would never happen. It's not something I would ever… I've never even entertained that thought."

As to what the future holds for his character, he speculated: "I think about it as much as probably Pete does, you know? 

"I think if I was to say what Pete's dream is, he's some sort of an iconic figure in the advertising world, and people flock to him to find out his secret." 

The first half of Mad Men's final season premieres on Sky Atlantic on April 16. 

He continued: "You know, he dishes them out as he chooses to whom he chooses. People respect him. His biggest fears are that he becomes unimportant. A shadow, kind of lurking in an office somewhere. 

"I don't really know which one is really going to happen. Just like in my own life; it's impossible to say whether that will happen to me."

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner recently stressed that there will never be a spinoff or "sequel" to his series, saying: "I completely rule it out."