Former IT Crowd actor Richard Ayoade says that he always knew his on-screen comedy partner Chris O'Dowd was set for global stardom.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, Ayoade, who has just released The Double, his second feature as a director, said: "I initially read the scripts for The IT Crowd around at Graham’s [IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan] house and I knew I was in it and that's when I met Chris. He is sort of amazing so it is no surprise to me whatsoever that he has gone on do bigger things.”

Asked how O'Dowd is dealing with stardom, Ayoade joked: “He is being an absolute cock about it! He kind of was a star anyway. I saw him in Vera Drake and I said to Graham, you should look at Chris. In Vera Drake he just completely stands out. He is only in one scene and he is amazing."

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