Film director and former IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade says his comedy writing and acting has always been influenced by his theory that the 1980s was the last time anyone had "any confidence that things would get better."

Ayoade has just released The Double, which stars Jesse Eisenberg as a lowly office worker whose life is ruined by his doppleganger.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, the director said: "I think that comically, the eighties was the last time anyone had any confidence that things were getting better and I was not even really conscious during that time so it’s funny to look at people who don’t think life is a disaster.

"It really is amazing that there was a time when people didn’t think that way and they thought things were getting better. The nineties, other than the hilarious blip that was Britpop, just didn’t have that. My first musical thing will always be Nirvana and they were not going ‘hey it’s all great!’ All that and the movie Mannequin . . . ”

The Double is in cinemas now.