Pregnant singer Kimberley Walsh has said her former Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole has offered to babysit for her when her new baby arrives.

Speaking to her former Strictly Come Dancing co-star Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene on their 2fm show, she said: "I saw Cheryl the other day, she's all excited about the baby. She's offered to babysit, take the baby over night which I'm quite looking forward to.

"She might change her mind when it's here."

Father of three, Byrne added: "You gotta take all the help from whoever's offering. Absolutely, take everybody's offers."
Walsh said: "I know, well you know, you've got twins, must be the hardest thing in the world."

Byrne: "Twins and a little girl there as well, a little five-month-old. "Ah, how's she doing?", asked Walsh.

Byrne: "She's great. And nappies, are you all set for nappies, and Justin is he all set?"

Walsh is confident: "Oh yeah, I've been changing my nephews' nappies for the past few years, so I think I'm well equipped."


Byrne also asked Walsh will she have another solo album on the way, following 2013's Centre Stage and laughing she said: "Let's get the baby out of the way first and then see where we're at. Maybe I'll get my singing and dancing shoes back on once I've had the baby, won't be too long."

Both Byrne and Greene congratulated the singer, who is on the front cover of this month's Ok! Magazine, on her baby news.

Walsh replied: "I'm getting bigger by the day. 

"I've been quite lucky, so far, I've had it quite easy. I don't want to speak too soon but not too much sickness and I've been getting on with things...until the weekend and I had a little fall.

"It's the most boring story ever. I should actually make up some elaborate story of how it happened but actually I was running out to the garden to get some herbs for my roast dinner, as you do. 

"We've got a new mat for the back door and it has no rubber and it literally just took me. Obviously my first instinct was the baby, I was like 'I'm pregnant, I can't fall'. I took the whole weight of the fall on my right wrist and I knew something was not good."

The singer is right-handed and added: "You should have seen me trying to do my make-up this morning – it is not a good look with my left hand. 

"Justin [Scott, her partner] had to do my hair, teaching him how to back comb, it's not good!"

The 32-year-old added: "He actually did quite a good job of my ponytail this morning, bless him!"

Before joining Girls Aloud, the singer admitted: "I was a total Westlife fan, I told Nicky this – this embarrassment has been out of the way years ago! I went to some of their tours. Yeah, it was great."

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