RTÉ Two Tube presenter Stephen Byrne has revealed that he came within the width of a lightsaber of landing a role in the new Star Wars movie.

After interviewing many film stars during his six years as a TV presenter, the 23-year-old Dubliner decided to see if he could switch sides and went to the open auditions when they were held in Glasgow.

“I skipped the open audition in Dublin as Two Tube were going to be there filming - and besides, someone in the queue was bound to know me,” he recalls. “But of course, I bumped into a familiar face in Glasgow.”

Stephen received a call-back text when he was waiting to interview Keira Knightley in London. He got so excited that the PR people at the interview thought he was having a freak out over meeting Keira!

After getting through to the final auditions - where he was given parts of the actual Star Wars script - and coming so close to landing a part in a Hollywood blockbuster, Stephen’s been bitten by the movie bug and is intending to hit Los Angeles next summer when Two Tube takes a break.

Casting agents for Star Wars were impressed enough to keep Stephen in mind for future roles, and he’s heading to Tinseltown for a series of meetings with agents – and he’s likely to be wearing a ‘Cast me, I'm Irish!’ t-shirt.

“The Irish seem to be in favour over in Hollywood now,” he feels. “When I was over recently for the Oscars, Irish actors were being talked about everywhere. And the Star Wars’ experience has made me even more determined.

“I now feel like I know where I want to go,” he adds. “I've every intention of following-up and seeing where this can lead. I feel I really need to grab the opportunity.

"Although it was a surreal experience it didn't make me nervous. The fact that I've interviewed loads of film stars over the years helps. They’re all just people, just the same as the rest of us.

"But now I've really got the acting bug and I'm determined to see where this takes me.”