RTÉ TwoTube presenter Stephen Byrne has said he is "shocked" to have been chosen as one of the 16 winners of the YouTube Next Vlogger competition from around the world.

Byrne will now take part in education workshops and mentoring sessions with other video bloggers (vloggers) and will receive industry investment for his YouTube channel 3sixty5days, and $4,000 worth of equipment.

Commenting on his win, he said: "You don't think these things are going to happen to you. I entered the competition because I needed a bit more confidence.

"I had stopped making videos for my channel a year ago as I was overly anxious about the content and afraid people wouldn't want to see it."

He continued: "I'm shocked at this win. When I got the email it was 5am - I jumped out of my bed and screamed the house down! I'm hoping to get back to where I was and have the confidence to make stuff for the fun of it and grow it to the point where it's my full- time job."

Byrne, who also presents backstage footage on The Voice of Ireland, set up 3sixty5days in 2006 and now has 70,0000 subscribers.

"I was inspired by another vlogger from Belfast called WhatAboutAdam - before this I just thought YouTube was for people falling off tables and cats doing funny things," he said.

"So once I became aware of this growing community I decided to create videos and act in the privacy of my own home and upload online; not really thinking anyone would see it!"