RTÉ has responed to reports of upcoming changes to the popular Winning Streak National Lottery Show following speculation that Marty Morrissey was being lined up to replace Marty Whelan.

An RTÉ spokesperson told TEN that Morrissey was in the RTÉ studios doing a technical rehearsal for a game show and not working on a pilot.

Head of Entertainment, John McHugh said: "It’s not unusual for TV teams to explore options on current shows. Last week’s session in studio was simply a technical run through to trial some new games.

"People are jumping to conclusions and the reports today are just simply speculation. Marty and Sinead are absolute pros and doing a fantastic job on Winning Streak."

Instead producers are trying out new game shows to run within Winning Streak, which is watched by up to 250,000 viewers a weekto see how they work ahead of the new Autumn schedule.

However it has been confirmed that The National Lottery has decided that the Big Money Game Show will not return this summer.