Sinead O'Connor is looking to have her face tattoos removed, just a year and a half after she had them inked on.

Taking to Twitter to look for advice Sinead asked her followers if they knew anywhere good she could get them removed.

The singer wrote:  “Ok, it's time to get this stupid sh*t off my face.

“Any1 know an excellent tattoo removal person? Someone said a guy in Harley st can do in one shot... Any1 know him? Or similar here? [sic].”

The singer was first pictured with the B and Q inkings on her face while performing at Bestival in the Isle of Wight last September.

O’Connor reportedly decided to get her cheeks tattoos after she had a row with a man. She explained at the time that she chose such visible spot on her face so that she would have a constant reminder of their argument.