Sinead O'Connor was rushed to hospital with what she has described as the "most physically traumatic experience I’ve ever had".

Writing on her website,, the singer said: "Trying to process the…most physically traumatic experience I’ve ever had that didn’t result in a baby.

"I get seized by pain that feels like all my back ribs and all front are broken. Literally as if someone stamped all over me and smashed them.. or as if someone beat the s*** out of me.. or I got run over by a car. [sic]"

The incident began early last week but took a more serious turn on Thursday and she added: "My sister takes me to hospital. They rush us to another hospital saying I have an abdominal anyerism. So we’re thinking ok. I could croak any minute.. and we start making plans.. as to how the kids will be ok…[sic]"

After numerous tests and ruling out an anyerism, severe kidney stones and blood clots a doctor asked on Saturday "have I been upset about anything. I sob quietly and say 'yes, something extremely traumatic happened about a week ago.'"

O'Connor said the doctor replied "There's your problem" and summing up the experience she added: "Never experienced anything like it in my life."