X Factor winner Sam Bailey thinks that everybody's attitude has changed since the X Factor and that the show's tour is more relaxed because there's no competition.

The X Factor Tour came to Dublin yesterday and with one sold-out show down, and another concert tonight, Sam Bailey told RTÉ Ten that it's great being reunited with her fellow contestants, but that with the competition finished, the atmosphere is different.

"I think everybody's changed, everybody's attitude is different and I feel that's because there's no pressure of the show," she said. "There's no competition, we're all worthy winners, we all got to the live finals, we all got to perform on the stage at Wembley."

She added that while she sings more songs on the tour, she would prefer if everyone was treated equal, "I sing more than everyone else, which I'm not majorly comfortable with because it should be a shared thing but everybody's amazing. There are certain songs I don't get to see because I'm under the stage, which is so gutting because I want to be out there."

One of the best parts of the tour is getting to meet the fans, "It's taken a while for it [winning the X Factor] to sink in, but it's more and more apparent now that the tour's on. You're getting to see the fans and the people that are wearing your t-shirts and have posters up and stuff, so this is where it becomes apparent to me who's a fan and who isn't and it's a really nice feeling."

The X Factor Tour is in Dublin's O2 tonight from 8pm. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster.