Noel Gallagher has reportedly been approached by several studios to make a film about his time in Oasis with his brother Liam. 

Speaking at The Weinstein Company BAFTAs after party Noel told The Sun Newspaper: "People have seriously approached me about that.

''It's something that's very strange but very tempting.

''If it means I get to come here and watch Brad Pitt eat a bit of salmon then I'll make a film a year if I can.''

The 46-year-old musician, who has barely spoken to brother Liam since their group split in 2009, revealed he would like Michael Fassbender to be part of the cast, but didn't specify if he would want him to play him or his brother. 

The Champagne Supernova hitmaker also claimed the working title for the film is 20 Years A Geezer.

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