Former Oasis guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs has said that he thinks Liam Gallagher would reunite with the band because it's his passion.

Speaking to NME Arthurs explained, "If someone said, 'Here's a field, here's a stage, and here's 200,000 people', I'm sure Liam would jump up and do it, and I don't think it would even take anyone offering him a massive bankroll of money. He'd do it because that's what he loves, that's his passion."

There has been speculation that the band may reform to mark the 20th anniversary of their first album Definitely Maybe but in a recent interview with the music magazine Noel Gallagher didn't seem too keen saying, "We are split up. You've heard that, haven't you? You must've heard... Yeah, so, ergo, band splits up, band is no more.

"There is no band. So, no, I won't be getting involved, anyway. If there is a reunion, I won't be at it."