Over six million Germans watched the first of two new films written by chick lit novelist Cecelia Ahern for German station ZDF on Sunday night (February 9).

750,000 Austrians also watched Zwischen Himmel und Hier (Between Heaven and Here) which was penned by the Dublin writer and daughter of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

The films were shot in Ireland last year using well-known Irish locations including Temple Bar and Powerscourt and feature a German and Irish cast including Stuart Dunne, Kerry O’Brien, Brendan Conroy and Valerie Connor.

Between Heaven and Here follows Bravarian bookseller Amelia Theresa as she travels to Ireland after she finds out that her parents adopted her at birth from Ireland.

There she discovers that her birth parents are an ageing rocker and a nun in an enclosed order.

Sales in Germany account for about half of Ahern's 16 million global book sales.

The second film, Mein Ganzes Halbes Leben (My Whole Half LIfe), will be shown as part of the network's "Heart" series in the next few weeks.