Michael Ulson, producer of every Batman movie since the Tim Burton era, has likened the controversy surrounding Ben Affleck's casting to that of Michael Keaton's.

Ulson told Empire, "We went through it all with Michael Keaton. I led the charge from the first time I heard Tim [Burton] was thinking of hiring Michael Keaton to play Batman. I'd go, 'Oh my God, all the work, I've put in all these years to do a dark and serious Batman, he's going to hire a comedian!'

"I could envision the posters, 'Mr. Mom is Batman,' but then he explained his vision and he was right. This is all about Bruce Wayne, it's not about Batman, it's all about Bruce Wayne. If you're trying to do a serious, dark superhero, people have to believe in Bruce Wayne as that obsessed, driven guy, to the point maybe of almost being psychotic. A guy who would get dressed up as a bat and do what he did."

He continued, "So we went through the hoopla with Michael Keaton. The fans were the same reaction that I had initially, except I had the benefit of hearing a vision right away. Then when they actually went to see the movie they never wanted anyone else to play Batman, never."

He added that he's very excited about seeing Affleck in the role of the caped crusader, "So here we are, with an Academy Award-winning filmmaker. You look at his last bunch of movies... Hollywoodland - he had me convinced he was George Reeves. The Town, Argo - just really, really great work. Again, I'll go back to what Tim said in the beginning, it's all about Bruce Wayne, and when you focus on it, Bruce Wayne, maybe in his mid-forties, what's he going to be feeling? What's he going to be thinking? What does he have on his plate to deal with? I just couldn't be more excited about it."

The currently untitled Man of Steel sequel in which Affleck will take on the role of Batman is set for an April 2016 release. Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Jessie Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Gal Godot and Laurence Fishbourne are also set to star.