Jared Leto has said he's willing to take another five-year break from acting if it means he can come back and make another film as good as Dallas Buyers Club.

The actor and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of transgender AIDS patient Rayon in what is his first film role since Mr Nobody in 2009.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, Leto said: "I'm willing to take another five or six years if it means coming back with this kind of opportunity and a chance to come back and tell this important story with this tiny little film which we shot with no lights and no budget.

"It's amazing that it even got made. It took 20 years to get made and get to the screen. It has been nearly six years since I've done a movie, I've been touring with Thirty Seconds To Mars and still am so we'll see what happens next."

Leto also told RTÉ Ten that he wasn't too bothered about his Oscar nomination.

Dallas Buyers Club opens in cinemas this Friday, February 7.

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