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Watch! Robert Duvall Interview

Mary McEvoy caught up with Robert Duvall to chat about his role in The Judge.

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  • An often brilliant film The Judge

    Arthur Miller's spirit hovers over The Judge, which features outstanding performances from Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr as a father and son at war with one another.

  • Pastor Jay Reinke The Overnighters

    The Overnighters is absorbing in its depiction of lives under stress in the city of Williston, North Dakota during a recent oil frenzy. The portrayal of the flawed Pastor Reinke is utterly fascinating in what is a fine, if somewhat prurient documentary.

  • Horror movie Annabelle is enjoyable fun Annabelle

    This prequel to last year's The Conjurer is enjoyable fun but ultimately comes closer to horror film cliche than breaking new ground

Brad Pitt stars as tank sergeant Don 'Wardaddy' Collier

Brad Pitt stars in an entertaining WWII movie that mixes the horror of human conflict with an underlying humanism.

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