Nicky Byrne says that he is "very excited" about his new 2fm weekday show although he also finds the whole thing very "daunting".

2fm presenter Ryan Tubridy rang the former Westlife star this morning to congratulate him, saying: "You're the new boy in town. Welcome aboard!"

Byrne (35) said he was looking forward to his new 11am weekday show, adding: "Obviously I've had a great relationship with all of you in there [in 2fm] through Westlife and since that ended. It's very daunting for me, [but] I'm really, really looking forward to it. I'm very excited.

"I'm delighted and to be honest with you Ryan, it was the draw of a free RTÉ Guide every week that pushed me over the line to be honest with you!"

He added: "Joking aside, I've always, as a kid growing up, listened to radio stations and looked at TV presenters and always fancied that line of work.

Listen back to Nicky talking to Ryan by clicking the link above.

"Obviously with Westlife when that kicked off it all went bananas, it was so busy and then through Westlife, there's been a lot of radio work around the world then as guest and on TV.

"It does feel natural to want to do that and to start it. But I never thought I would manage to secure, at my age, to get a live show five days a week. Huge responsibility and a great opportunity."

Byrne will present a weekday show from 11am to 1pm on RTÉ 2fm.