Goldie Hawn has said she finds Justin Bieber's situation heart-breaking and can relate to the pressures young stars are under.

The 68-year-old actress told CNN: "It actually breaks my heart because I know what's going on. Now they're self-medicating and this is the most dangerous thing for them.

"Talent, sweetness, ability to manage – what good they could be doing, how happy they could be feeling. And as a mother – and a grandmother now – all I want to do is hold them."

While Hawn was never attracted to drugs, she understands the pressures young stars are facing and she sought help to deal with her anxiety in her early career, "It was very stressful. I was away from home. It happened overnight for me and I really became anxious around it.

"I sought help because I wanted to find out why I wasn't as happy as I should have been, or excited, but I didn't understand why people were asking me for my autograph."