Jamelia and Dolores O'Riordan bonded over motherhood in the music industry on last night's episode of The Voice.

After watching 30-year-old pregnant singer Catherine Hughes perform the pair discussed how tough it is for women in the music industry.

O’Riordan said: "Men have no idea how much more difficult it is for women in the rock and roll industry and while we are trying to give birth, breastfeed, all they do is have a good time.”

Jamelia added: "We are here to reproduce but it doesn't mean we can't get up on stage and sing. We are women - that's what we are meant to do."

O’Riordan added: "We are obviously the superior sex."

Dolores is proving to be a big hit with the contestants and won over Dublin Gospel Choir singer Michelle Revins ahead of Kian Egan who was also hoping to work with the singer.

After she turned her chair around following Revins' impressive performance of Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' song Hurt, she said: "Oh my God, I felt you took your hand and you put it into my heart and you pulled my heart out. It's so raw. It's brilliant."