The red panda has topped a Dublin Zoo poll to find Ireland's Favourite Zoo Animal.

The cuddly Ailurus fulgens received 20% of the vote in the poll of over 1,000 people on the Dublin Zoo website.

The elephant was in second place with 13%.

The tiger was third favourite with 11.5% of the vote.

Eddie O'Brien, Team Leader at Dublin Zoo, said: "I'm not surprised about the red panda's appeal to people; they are magnificent looking animals! This year we have had great success with our breeding programme and welcomed red panda twins Zhen and Bo."

Dublin Zoo's list of Ireland's Favourite Zoo Animals:

1) Red panda (20%)

2) Elephant (13%)

3) Tiger (11.5%)

4) Giraffe (9.6%) and Penguin (9.6%)

5) Gorilla (8.6%)

6) Meerkat (5.8%)

7) Orang utan (5.2%)

8) Wolf (3.6%)

9) Lion (3.1%)

10) Hippo (2.3%)

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